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A Chronicle of our European Sojourn of 2010-11

BiosWe spent six months traveling in Europe, using the South of France as  our homebase the first few months, and then Alice’s hometown of Luxembourg for the remainder.  These postings are part travelogue, part memoir, part… something else, as the mood strikes.

You’ll find lots of pictures, and a few random thoughts and flights of fancy, all inspired by our various experiences over this wonderful six months.  All the photos, with the exception of obvious historical images, were taken by me (Henry) and are copyrighted.

To see the chronological  postings:

Either hover over the months listed at the bottom of the picture, above, and you will see a dropdown menu for various chronological postings.  (You can do that from any page.)  Or, return to this homepage  and select from the list at right…

– Henry Scanlon

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